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How Do I Find My Flight Ticket Number?

Booking a flight can be a lengthy and expensive process. When you’re travelling, your flight ticket is your gateway to your destination, so it’s important to have it handy. But what if you’ve misplaced or forgotten it somewhere? Don’t worry! In this blog post, we’ll go over how you can find your flight ticket number without any trouble.

Understanding Flight Ticket Number

First, let’s understand what a flight ticket number is. A flight ticket number is a unique identifier assigned to a specific flight booking. It is usually a combination of letters and numbers and can range from 10 to 13 characters. The ticket number is crucial for any travel-related activity such as checking in, making changes, or accessing your itinerary.

Finding Your Flight Ticket Number

Now, let’s focus on how you can find your flight ticket number. There are different ways to access your ticket number, depending on how you booked your flight:

1. E-Ticket

If you booked your flight online, you most likely have an e-ticket. An e-ticket is a digital version of a paper ticket that contains all the crucial information, including your ticket number. You can find it in the confirmation email sent by the airline or on the airline’s website. Here’s how:1. Check your email inbox for a confirmation email from the airline. The subject line should contain your flight’s booking details, such as your flight number, departure and arrival dates, times, and your e-ticket number.2. Once you’ve located the email, find the “view itinerary” or “view ticket” button. You might need to log in to your airline account to access this.3. Click on the button and you will be redirected to the airline’s website where you should be able to view your itinerary, including your ticket number.4. Alternatively, if you’re unable to locate your confirmation email, or if you’ve accidentally deleted it, you can visit the airline’s website, enter your booking or reservation code and your last name, and search for your ticket number in the respective field.

2. Physical Ticket

If you booked your flight through a travel agent, you may have a physical ticket. In this case, your ticket number is printed on the paper ticket. Look for a string of numbers and letters on your ticket, it might be labelled as “ticket number” or “e-ticket number”.

3. Boarding Pass

If you can’t locate your e-ticket or your physical ticket, don’t panic. You can still access your ticket number through your boarding pass. Your boarding pass also contains your ticket number along with other passenger details such as gate number, seat number, and boarding time.

4. Contact the Airline

If none of the previous methods work for you, you can always contact the airline customer service team. The customer service representative will ask for your booking details and will be able to provide your ticket number.


In this blog post, we’ve gone over how you can find your flight ticket number quickly and easily. We’ve covered different methods, including locating it from your e-ticket, physical ticket, boarding pass, or contacting the airline for assistance. Always keep your ticket number handy as it is required for any travel-related activities during your trip.