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How Do I Find My Delta Confirmation Number?

Are you worried about losing track of your flight information because you can’t find your confirmation number? Do not panic! Retrieving your Delta Airlines confirmation number is easier than you think. In this blog post, we’ll go through a step-by-step process to help you locate your confirmation number.

What is a Delta Confirmation Number?

A Delta Airlines confirmation number is a unique combination of letters and numbers that represents your ticket purchase. This number is essential for finding your flight details and making changes to your itinerary. It is also necessary to obtain your boarding pass before heading to the airport.

How to Find Your Delta Confirmation Number

1. Check Your Email: After booking your flight, Delta Airlines will send you a confirmation email. The email will contain your confirmation number, flight details, and other important information. Make sure to check for an email sent to the email address you used when booking your flight. Sometimes, emails may end up in your spam/junk folder, so be sure to check there too.2. Check Your Flight Itinerary: If you saved or printed your flight itinerary, you can find your confirmation number there. The confirmation number is usually located on the same page as your name, departure, and arrival times.3. Visit Delta’s Website: Log in to Delta’s website and go to the ‘My Trips’ section. You will need to enter your first and last name along with your departure date to retrieve your confirmation number. This method is particularly useful if you booked your flight a long time ago and do not have your confirmation email or itinerary.4. Contact Delta Airlines: If you still can’t find your Delta confirmation number, contact Delta Airlines by phone or email. Provide them with the necessary details such as the date of booking, your name, and flight details. A representative will be able to retrieve your confirmation number or help you book another flight if needed.

Tips to Keep Your Delta Confirmation Number Safe

1. Save your confirmation email or itinerary in a safe place.2. Take a screenshot of your flight details, including your confirmation number.3. Write down your confirmation number on a piece of paper and keep it in a secure location.4. Consider adding your confirmation number to your calendar or reminders app with the flight date and time.


As you can see, finding your Delta confirmation number is relatively simple with these easy steps. Remember to keep your confirmation number safe, so you don’t lose access to your flight details or encounter any issues at the airport. If you still have trouble finding your confirmation number, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Delta Airlines for assistance. With your confirmation number, you can easily manage your flight details and travel with peace of mind!