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Exploring Ticketmaster Fees: Understanding the Extra Costs

At one point or another, everyone has likely felt the frustration of purchasing tickets online only to see a slew of extra fees tacked onto the ticket price. Ticketmaster, one of the most popular ticket-selling platforms in the world, is no exception. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into Ticketmaster fees to understand why they exist and how they impact ticket prices.

What are Ticketmaster Fees?

Ticketmaster fees refer to the additional charges that ticket buyers pay on top of the face value of the ticket. These fees are meant to cover the various costs associated with selling and distributing tickets, including credit card processing fees, venue fees, and fulfillment fees (shipping and handling).

Types of Ticketmaster Fees

When purchasing a ticket on Ticketmaster, you may encounter different fees, including:

  • Service fees: These fees are usually a set percentage of the ticket price and vary depending on the event and location. They cover the cost of operating Ticketmaster’s platform and customer service.
  • Processing fees: These fees cover the cost of processing credit cards and can vary depending on the payment method used.
  • Delivery fees: Also known as fulfillment fees, they cover the cost of delivering the ticket to the buyer. These fees vary depending on the delivery method chosen, such as standard mail, print-at-home, or mobile delivery.
  • Print-at-home fees: These fees are charged when a buyer chooses to print their ticket at home instead of having it mailed. The fee covers the cost of printing the ticket and reduces the risk of fraud.
  • Order processing fees: Typically charged when purchasing tickets over the phone instead of online, these fees cover the cost of having a customer service representative assist with the purchase.

Why Does Ticketmaster Charge Fees?

Ticketmaster fees exist for a few different reasons:

  • To Cover Operating Costs: Ticketmaster is a business, and like any business, they need to make a profit to keep their operation running. Service fees help to offset the costs of running their platform and providing customer support.
  • To Cover Venue and Artist Costs: Ticketmaster works with various venues and artists to sell tickets for events. These entities also have costs (such as venue rental fees and artist fees) that are reflected in the ticket price and fees.
  • To Deter Fraud: Ticketmaster uses various security measures to prevent fraudulent ticket sales, such as print-at-home and mobile delivery options. Fees associated with these delivery methods help to offset the cost of implementing and maintaining the technology necessary to ensure secure ticket sales.

How Ticketmaster Fees Impact Ticket Prices

Ticketmaster fees can significantly impact the overall cost of a ticket. For example, a $50 ticket may have an additional $15 in fees, making the total cost $65. In some cases, ticket fees can add up to be more than the face value of the ticket, making the price of attending an event unaffordable for some people.

It’s important to note that Ticketmaster doesn’t set fees arbitrarily. The fees charged are typically based on what they need to cover to break even or make a profit on the sale of each ticket. Therefore, a higher-priced ticket may have higher fees than a lower-priced ticket, but the total cost may still be close to the same.

How to Reduce Ticketmaster Fees

While it’s not possible to completely avoid Ticketmaster fees, there are a few ways to reduce them:

  • Buy Tickets in Person: If possible, skip buying tickets online and purchase them directly from the venue’s box office. This can help to avoid many of the fees associated with online ticket sales.
  • Use a Service that Tracks Prices: There are several websites and apps (such as SeatGeek) that can help track ticket prices and notify you when they drop, helping to secure a better deal on tickets.
  • Join Fan Clubs: Joining a fan club for your favorite artists can give you access to presales, which often have lower fees and better ticket selections.

Final Thoughts

While Ticketmaster fees may be frustrating, they serve a necessary purpose in covering the many costs associated with selling and distributing concert tickets. By understanding these fees and taking steps to reduce them, you can make the most out of your ticket-buying experience.