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Everything You Need to Know About Paradise Water Park Ticket Prices in 2020

Are you planning a trip to Paradise Water Park and wondering how much the tickets cost? With so many options available, it can be challenging to figure out which ticket to buy and what the prices are. In this blog post, we’ll provide an overview of the various Paradise Water Park ticket prices and packages available in 2020.

General Admission Ticket Prices

For visitors who want to enjoy access to all of the water park’s attractions, the general admission ticket is the perfect choice. As of 2020, the general admission ticket prices for Paradise Water Park range from $39.99 to $49.99, depending on the day of the week and the date you plan to visit.Visitors who purchase tickets online in advance can enjoy additional discounted rates. For instance, purchasing tickets online for weekdays can save you up to $10 for each admission ticket. To avail the discount, visitors must visit the park on the date specified during the purchase, failing which, the same ticket will not be accepted on any other day.

Special Packages

Paradise Water Park offers several special packages designed to provide an ultimate experience for visitors looking to take their day at the park to the next level. Check out the following packages that are available:

The Ultimate Paradise Package

The Ultimate Paradise Package offers visitors an all-inclusive experience at Paradise Water Park. This package includes access to all rides and slides, reserved seating, VIP parking, and a meal plan for the full day. The package costs $119.99 per person, and visitors can save up to $50 by pre-booking online.

The Deluxe Paradise Package

The Deluxe Paradise Package offers visitors a more personalized and comfortable experience at the park. This package includes everything in the Ultimate Package, plus a private cabana with bottled water, sunscreen, and towels. The Deluxe package sells for $249.99, and it can save you up to $100 if you book it online.

The VIP Paradise Package

For those visitors who are seeking an extra deluxe experience and personal attention, the VIP Paradise Package might be ideal. This package includes everything in the Deluxe package, plus priority access to all of the park’s attractions, including fast-track lines for rides and waterslides, plus a dedicated concierge to assist you during your visit. This luxurious package sells for $399.99 per person. Similar to the Deluxe Package, if booked online, you can save up to $150.

Season Passes

If you plan on visiting Paradise Water Park more than once this year, purchasing a seasonal pass might be the right choice. The park offers both regular season passes and VIP season passes.The regular seasonal pass includes unlimited visits to the park during the regular operating days from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend for $99 per person. Meanwhile, the VIP seasonal pass gives unlimited visits throughout the season, plus VIP parking, early access to the park, and discounts on food and souvenirs. Prices of VIP season pass start from $199.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to spend an action-packed day with your family or desire the most premium experience possible, Paradise Water Park ticket prices have got you covered. With the various ticket types and seasonal passes, there is an option for everyone.To get the best value and the most savings, we highly recommend that visitors purchase tickets and packages online in advance. Not only can this save you money, but it can also help you save time at the gates, enabling you to get into the park as quickly as possible.Now that you’re equipped with the information, get your tickets and enjoy your day at Paradise Water Park like never before!