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Do Ticket Prices Go up on Weekends?

If you have ever planned a trip, you may have noticed that some airline companies and transportation services offer lower fares on weekdays instead of weekends. This may lead some people to believe that ticket prices increase over weekends. However, is this assumption accurate? In this blog post, we will look into whether ticket prices do go up on weekends or not.

The Science behind Ticket Pricing

Before we delve into whether ticket prices increase over weekends or not, it is essential to understand the principles of ticket pricing for transportation services. The price of a ticket for any service is determined based on several factors, including demand, supply, competition, and time of the year. When demand for travel is high, ticket prices tend to go up. For example, travel during the holiday season is generally more expensive than other times of the year because many people are traveling. Similarly, a popular event or festival in a city can cause an increase in demand for travel, leading to higher prices. In contrast, when demand is low, the prices of tickets tend to be lower to attract more travelers. This trend is especially dominant in airline companies. During off-peak travel periods, airlines generally offer discounted tickets to fill empty seats.

The Weekend Factor

Weekends are usually more convenient for leisure travel. Therefore, it would be logical to assume that ticket prices increase over weekends because demand is high. However, research suggests that this is not the case. A study conducted by CheapAir in 2019 found that there was no significant difference in the average ticket price for domestic flights on weekends compared to weekdays. The study analyzed over 917 million airfares and found that the relationship between ticket prices and weekdays versus weekends was insignificant. Moreover, other studies conducted in the transportation industry show no significant difference in prices between weekends and weekdays. These findings are because the demand for weekend travel and weekday travel is relatively the same. Business travelers make up a significant portion of weekday travelers, while leisure travelers tend to travel during weekends.

Factors that Affect the Pricing of Tickets

As discussed earlier, several factors determine the pricing of tickets. These include:

Supply and Demand

The principle of supply and demand is perhaps the most significant determinant of ticket prices. When the demand for a particular route or service is high, prices tend to increase, and vice versa. This law applies to both weekdays and weekends, as long as the demand for travel is high.

Time of the Year

Some times of the year may experience an increase or decrease in demand for travel. For example, the holiday season witnesses a surge in demand for travel, leading to an increase in ticket prices.


Competition amongst transportation services also affects ticket prices. In areas where there is competition, companies tend to offer discounted fares to attract more passengers.

Booking Time

The time you book your ticket also determines the price. Booking a ticket ahead of time typically yields lower ticket prices, while last-minute bookings are usually more expensive.

Maximizing Savings on Travel Costs

Now that we have established that ticket prices do not necessarily increase on weekends, how can you ensure that you save the most money when booking your travel?

Booking Early

Booking your travel early allows you to take advantage of lower prices offered by many transport service providers. Monitoring price fluctuations over time can also help identify the best time to book a ticket.

Checking Multiple Days

Suppose you can be flexible with your travel times. In that case, it may be beneficial to check various airlines for different days of the week as tickets may be cheaper on certain dates.

Avoiding Peak Travel Periods

Peak travel periods such as holiday seasons are usually more expensive than other times of the year. Avoiding these periods can significantly lower your travel costs.

Using Discounted Websites

Websites such as Groupon, LivingSocial, and Expedia offer discounted travel packages for individuals on a budget.

Subscribing to Email Newsletters

Subscribing to email alerts from airlines and transportation companies means you will be notified of discounts, promotions, and last-minute deals around the year.


In summary, the notion that ticket prices increase on weekends is a misconception. Transportation services offer similar prices on weekends and weekdays as the demand for travel is relatively constant for both days. The cost of a ticket is often dependent on several factors such as supply and demand, time of the year, competition, and booking time. By understanding these factors and maximizing savings opportunities, you can travel more affordably regardless of the day of the week.