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Concerts are one of the most exciting experiences for music lovers. But getting hold of tickets for a big concert or festival can also turn out to be a real challenge. The search for tickets can be exhausting, and sometimes it’s not easy to predict when the right time is to buy tickets.One question that often comes up when music enthusiasts are searching for concert tickets is, “do prices drop the day of the concert?” In this post, we will explore the workings of ticket prices and reveal whether they tend to decrease the day of a concert.


To understand how ticket prices work, it is essential to have a basic grasp of their pricing structures. Concert and festival tickets can vary in price from one event to another and can be influenced by a variety of factors. Such factors can include:- Artist popularity- Venue size- Date of performance- Seating location- Time of saleThere is usually a presale period before tickets go on general sale, and tickets purchased during this time tend to be cheaper.After the presale period, tickets usually move to the general sale period where prices can gradually increase as the concert date draws nearer. This is because ticket prices are usually tied to demand, and the higher the demand for a particular event, the more expensive the tickets become.


The simple answer is that it typically depends on the concert and the demand for the tickets. In general, ticket prices can either increase, stay the same or decrease as the concert dates draw closer.If there’s high demand for a concert, the tickets tend to sell out quickly, and this can cause prices to skyrocket. When this happens, people who are in a rush to procure tickets will have to buy them from third-party resellers at much higher prices. However, when there is less demand for a particular concert or festival, the chances of the ticket prices dropping are higher. Also, if concert organizers offer last-minute deals to try to fill remaining seats, the prices could also drop.


Many factors can cause the ticket prices to fluctuate. Below are some of the most common factors that can influence ticket prices:

1. Time of Sale:

The ticket prices usually start at their lowest during the presale period. During the presale period, the promoters or artists sell tickets to dedicated fans, fan clubs and newsletter subscribers at lower prices because it entices people to buy tickets. But as the dates draw closer, the prices can increase.

2. Artist Popularity:

The more popular an artist is, the more in-demand the tickets are, which usually leads to higher prices.

3. Resellers:

Third-party sellers or resellers like StubHub, VividSeats, and Ticketmaster Resale can sell tickets to concerts and festivals at a much higher price than the original cost.

4. Type of Seating:

Different kinds of seats or packages come at different ticket prices. For instance, VIP seats and backstage passes usually have much higher prices than general admission tickets.

5. Time of Concert:

Concerts that are scheduled during off-peak seasons or on weekdays can have lower ticket prices. During these times, the venue and concert promoters usually struggle to sell tickets when compared to prime season shows or weekend concerts.


If you’re looking to score discounted tickets, there are a few things you can try:

1. Signing up for newsletters:

Subscribe to the newsletters of ticket selling platforms to receive updates about discounts and presales.

2. Searching for Promo Codes:

Look for promo codes offered by artists, music festivals and sponsors that can give you a discount on a purchase.

3. Waiting Until the Last Minute:

Prices may fall as the date of the concert approaches, and organizers try to sell as many tickets as possible.


Ticket pricing depends on several factors, and as such, there is no definite answer to whether concert tickets drop in price the day of the concert. It varies from concert to concert.In conclusion, it is vital to keep the various factors that influence ticket pricing in mind when searching for concert tickets. Nevertheless, by being strategic and keeping an eye out for promotional deals, it’s still possible to score great deals. And if you’re looking to get a deal on tickets, waiting until the last minute could be your best bet.