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Can You Resell Concert Tickets?

Attending a live concert is always an exciting experience. You get to see your favorite music artist live, enjoy great music, and feel the positive vibes. With the power of the internet and e-ticketing, buying concert tickets has become incredibly convenient. But what happens if you can’t attend the show anymore? Can you resell your concert tickets? In this blog post, we will discuss in detail whether you can resell concert tickets or not.

Ticket Resale Industry

The ticket resale industry has been around for years. It is a legal and thriving industry that operates globally. According to Statista, the resale market value of the concert ticket industry was worth $8 billion in 2019. Resale platforms such as StubHub, Ticketmaster Resale, Viagogo, and SeatGeek have helped make reselling concert tickets a lucrative business.

Terms and Conditions of Ticket Selling Websites

Most ticket selling websites have their terms and conditions, which prohibit the resale of concert tickets. For instance, Ticketmaster’s ticket purchase policy states that “You may not resell, transfer, or dispose of your ticket to any other person for any reason other than as expressly permitted by the venue and/or promoter.” In contrast, StubHub supports the resale of tickets and has its policies to manage the ticket resale process.

Legalities of Concert Ticket Resale

The legalities of concert ticket resale are complicated and vary by region and state. Many countries and states have specific laws that govern the resale of event tickets. In general, reselling concert tickets is not illegal. However, if you are buying tickets in bulk and reselling them for profit, you could be breaking the law.Some state governments view ticket resale as a business and require registration, licensing or some other form of transaction regulation. For instance, in New York, it is illegal to resell tickets for more than 10 percent of the original ticket price. In California, ticket buyers are protected under state law, which allows them to resell the ticket for any price they desire.

Benefits of Reselling Concert Tickets

There are several benefits to reselling concert tickets. First and foremost, it allows you to recover your investment if you’re unable to attend the concert. This way, the ticket won’t go to waste, and someone else can enjoy the show.Moreover, you can make a profit by reselling concert tickets. If tickets are in high demand and short supply, you can have an opportunity to sell them at a higher price than their face value. Additionally, with the help of resale platforms, you can reach a broader audience that may be interested in attending the concert.

Drawbacks of Reselling Concert Tickets

When you buy concert tickets with the intention to resell them, several risks come with it. Firstly, there’s always a risk of fraud. Ticket scams are prevalent in the resale industry, and you could be a victim of fraudulent ticket sellers.Secondly, there’s always the possibility of losing money. If you’re buying tickets in bulk, there’s no guarantee that all tickets will be sold. If the demand for the concert is low, then you might not be able to sell the tickets at their face value, resulting in a loss.Lastly, some venues or artists may institute technology meant to prevent scalpers and ticket resellers from buying up large numbers of tickets. That could make it tougher to get tickets to popular events.


To sum it up, the answer to whether you can resell concert tickets is, it depends. While ticket selling websites have their policies, many countries and states have specific regulations that may limit or restrict reselling concert tickets. If you’re planning to resell your tickets, be careful about fraudulent activities, and ensure you are following the laws in your state. It is always better to be safe than sorry.If you’re unable to attend a concert, you might want to consider reselling the tickets to someone else who can attend. Who knows, you might make a profit or even make someone’s day.