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Can we cancel train tickets booked online?

If you have booked a train ticket online and need to cancel it for some reason, the answer is yes, you can! However, the process of cancellation and the refund amount may vary depending on the terms and conditions of the ticket you have purchased. In this article, we will discuss the different scenarios that may arise while cancelling an online train ticket.

When can a train ticket be cancelled?

Indian Railways allows its passengers to cancel their train tickets before the designated departure time of the train. The ticket can be cancelled either online or at any railway reservation counter. However, for some tickets, there might be a cut-off time for cancellation, beyond which the ticket will not be eligible for a refund. Such information is usually mentioned on the ticket itself.

How to cancel a train ticket booked online?

To cancel a train ticket online, you need to follow the steps below:1. Log in to your IRCTC account using your username and password.2. Go to the “Booked Ticket History” section.3. Select the ticket you wish to cancel and click on the “Cancel Ticket” option.4. Confirm the cancellation and provide your bank details for the refund.5. Once your cancellation is confirmed, you will receive a message and an email.It’s important to note that a cancellation fee will be deducted from your refund amount for all train tickets cancelled online. The exact amount of the fee will depend on the class of travel and the time of cancellation.

What if I miss the train?

If you have missed your train, you can still cancel your ticket online before the departure of the train. However, in such cases, the refund amount will be calculated based on the time of cancellation and the cancellation fee will be higher than the usual fee.

What if the train is cancelled?

If the train is cancelled by Indian Railways or is running late for more than three hours, you can claim a full refund for the ticket. However, the refund needs to be claimed within a certain time frame.

What if I have a Tatkal ticket or a Waitlisted ticket?

If you have a Tatkal ticket, the cancellation rules are different from regular tickets. For confirmed Tatkal tickets, no refund will be given on cancellation. However, for waitlisted Tatkal tickets, you can cancel the ticket and claim a refund after deducting the Tatkal charges.In case of waitlisted tickets, if the ticket remains in waitlist even after the chart preparation, it gets automatically cancelled by the system and the amount is refunded to the passenger’s account.


In conclusion, it is possible to cancel train tickets booked online. However, the refund amount and cancellation fee may differ based on the type of the ticket and the time of cancellation. It is always advisable to check the terms and conditions of the ticket before booking it to avoid any confusion later.