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Can I Resell Ticketmaster Tickets on StubHub?

If you have ever tried to buy concert or event tickets, you know how fast they can sell out. And if you miss out on buying tickets during the primary sale, you may be wondering if you can purchase them through a resale marketplace. Two of the most popular resale marketplaces are Ticketmaster and StubHub. The question is, can you resell Ticketmaster tickets on StubHub? In this blog post, we will explore the answer to that question.

The Short Answer

Yes, you can resell Ticketmaster tickets on StubHub. However, there are some things to keep in mind before you do so.

The Long Answer

Ticketmaster and StubHub are both well-known companies that allow users to buy and sell tickets. While they both serve a similar purpose, they operate differently. Ticketmaster is the primary ticket seller for many events, meaning they are the first place you can purchase tickets when they go on sale. Ticketmaster also allows users to resell their tickets on their platform through a feature called TM+ Resale. This feature allows users to list their tickets for resale at a price they choose. StubHub, on the other hand, is a secondary ticket marketplace. This means that they only sell tickets that have already been purchased and are being resold by other users. StubHub acts as a middleman between the buyer and seller, ensuring that the transaction is completed securely. When it comes to reselling Ticketmaster tickets on StubHub, there are a few things to consider.

Listing Fees

StubHub charges a listing fee to sell tickets on their platform. This fee varies depending on the price of the ticket being resold. Listing fees range from 10% to 15%, with a minimum fee of $5. In addition to the listing fee, StubHub also takes a commission on the sale of the ticket. This commission is typically around 10% but can vary based on the event and the price of the ticket.

Delivery Method

When you purchase a ticket from Ticketmaster, it is often delivered to you digitally through their website or mobile app. However, some tickets may be physical and need to be mailed to you. When reselling a Ticketmaster ticket on StubHub, it is important to make sure you have the ticket in hand before listing it for sale.

Transfer Methods

One of the benefits of buying and selling tickets through Ticketmaster is the ability to transfer tickets to others. If you purchase a ticket through Ticketmaster, you can transfer it to someone else through their website or app. However, not all events allow ticket transfers. If ticket transfers are not allowed, you will not be able to sell your Ticketmaster ticket on StubHub.

Is it Legal?

While reselling tickets is legal, there may be specific laws or regulations in your state or country that apply. Additionally, Ticketmaster and StubHub have their own policies and rules that you must follow when selling tickets on their platform. It is important to read and understand these policies before you attempt to resell tickets. It is also important to note that Ticketmaster and StubHub have different policies when it comes to refunds and guarantees. When you purchase a ticket through Ticketmaster’s TM+ Resale, they offer a FanProtect guarantee to ensure that you receive valid tickets on time for the event. StubHub also offers a similar guarantee, but it only applies to tickets that are not delivered on time or are invalid.


In conclusion, you can resell Ticketmaster tickets on StubHub. However, there are fees, delivery methods, and transfer methods to consider before doing so. It is important to read and understand both Ticketmaster and StubHub’s policies when it comes to reselling tickets. Additionally, it is important to make sure that it is legal in your state or country to resell tickets. If done correctly, reselling tickets on StubHub can be a great way to get tickets to sold-out events or recover the cost of tickets you can no longer use.