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Can I Resell Ticketmaster Tickets on Reddit?

Ticketmaster is a popular online platform that allows people to purchase tickets for various events, such as concerts, sports games, and theater shows. However, sometimes people are unable to attend the events they have bought tickets for and wonder if they can resell or transfer them to someone else. One platform that people often ask about is Reddit, a popular social news and discussion website. So, can you resell Ticketmaster tickets on Reddit? Let’s take a look.

The Policy of Ticketmaster on Reselling Tickets

Before we dive into whether or not you can resell Ticketmaster tickets on Reddit, it is crucial to understand the policy of Ticketmaster on reselling tickets. According to Ticketmaster’s official website, they allow the transfer of tickets to other people but prohibit their reselling. The company considers ticket resale as a fraudulent activity and may cancel the tickets of people who attempt to sell or purchase them for from unofficial websites or sources. Ticketmaster’s whole process of transfer includes a ‘Transfer Tickets’ and ‘Sell Tickets’ option where you can transfer the tickets to other people while agreeing not to resell the companionship with reselling agreements.

What Does Reddit Say?

Now that we have read the ticketmaster’s policy, let’s see what Reddit has to say about reselling Ticketmaster tickets. After browsing several threads, it seems like Reddit does have a place for people to resell tickets. There are subreddits such as r/tickets, r/concerttickets, and r/bonnarootickets dedicated to the reselling of tickets for various events, and it is legal to do it. However, these subreddits have strict rules and guidelines that sellers and buyers must follow to ensure the safety and authenticity of the tickets.

The Risks of Reselling Tickets on Reddit

While it is possible to resell tickets on Reddit, it is crucial to note the risks involved. Both sellers and buyers must be aware of the possibility of scams, counterfeit tickets, or fake transactions, which is why Reddit has strict rules to verify and authenticate the tickets. If you’re a seller on Reddit, verify the tickets, and ensure they are valid and authentic tickets from Ticketmaster. Using verified services that provide an authentication report can increase the trust and make the transaction more secure.


In conclusion, it is illegal to resell Ticketmaster tickets, but Reddit provides a platform where people can legally resell and transfer their tickets to other people. Nevertheless, both sellers and buyers must be aware of the risks involved, such as fraudulent activities and scams, and must follow the rules set by Reddit to ensure the authenticity and safety of the transactions. So, the answer to the question, ‘can I resell Ticketmaster tickets on Reddit?’ is a YES. But with precautions that one can take before reselling.